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Sagrada Madre RVA

Sagrada Madre Incense : Botanical Line

Sagrada Madre Incense : Botanical Line

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This gorgeous line of incense by brand "Sagrada Madre" features stunning floral scents with a creative new base. Made using fruit pulp that is turned into a super sustainable, up-cycled and all natural product that is dried only using the power of the sun. It burns as well as wood.

"Born in the valleys of Patagonia, Argentina. Partnering with José Alberto Aramberri we learned that more than 100 tons of fruit pulp is left over from the manufacture of fruit juices. Jose took what would have been thrown away and created what he calls “Bio Trunk” or BIOT."

Ingredients: flowers/leaves, oil concentrate, charcoal, fruit biomass, natural binders and salt.

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