Hi! My name is Alicia. A Massachusetts local. My Grandparents settled in the area in the 50's and my family have been "townies" ever since. I graduated from high school in 2006. I really appreciated my experience through the art programs in my public school as well as the sense of community from a thriving underground music scene. I have had some amazing mentors & peers over the years and have been able to pursue a range of creative outlets which truly helped/help me survive some otherwise turbulent youth/times.

I got my first job at the corner store sandwich shop when I was 13. The sense of freedom from earning my own money was liberating. An adoration of vintage and thrifted items were the way I was able to begin having true control over my creative expression and identity. I had a great group of friends that I would treasure hunt with. I have fond memories of our moms dropping us off at the MBTA. We would ride the train into Cambridge to seek out special looks. I began cultivating an eye for style in my early years and worked my way into fashion retail. My love for vintage/thrifted items and the affordability as well as the environmental responsibility of the process has only grown stronger over the years. The thrill of the hunt, the textures, the colors, the mystery of the history is all super fascinating to me.

I spent my early twenties in the Boston area after completing a year in art school. I spent many years working at the record store and the hip alternative clothing store, R.I.P. Hootenanny. Enjoying art from an eclectic mix of talent. Playing rock n' roll shows in basements. Twisting the night away at the old Sixties & Soul clubs. Nomming some of the most delicious vegetarian/vegan food. Definitely golden years spent shaping me into who I am today.

In 2011 I began my career in cosmetology, apprenticing at HC Studio in Brookline Village. I studied hair health in depth and became a colorist specializing in balayage, which is a low maintenance "hand painted" technique meant to mimic the sun light.  I feel eternally grateful for the opportunity to learn from leading artists in the industry and in such a beautiful space.

I started the brand Magic & Color as a portfolio for my work with hair, although the phrase evokes something much more for me. It reminds me to recognize the magic in small moments, simple pleasures, and the natural beauty of our world in all it's hues and configurations.

Magic and Color Co. is a way for me to share some of my findings. I'm offering vintage, handcrafted and items good for gifting (ourselves or others!) Treasures that add an extra dose of joy in our daily lives and things that remind us to take care.

Thank you so much for stopping by to check it out! Please reach out if you have any questions.

:) Alicia